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Horizontal With Image

[recent_posts count="1"]

[recent_posts count="2"]

[recent_posts count="3"]

[recent_posts count="4"]

Horizontal Without Image

[recent_posts count="1" no_image="true"]

[recent_posts count="2" no_image="true"]

[recent_posts count="3" no_image="true"]

[recent_posts count="4" no_image="true"]

Vertical With Image

[recent_posts count="1" orientation="vertical"]

Vertical Without Image

[recent_posts count="1" no_image="true" orientation="vertical"]

[recent_posts count="2" no_image="true" orientation="vertical"]

Filter By Category

“Top 10” Category

[recent_posts count="1" orientation="vertical" category="top-10"]

“Remember” Category

[recent_posts count="1" orientation="vertical" category="remember"]

Offset Posts

[recent_posts count="2" orientation="horizontal"] [recent_posts count="2" orientation="horizontal" offset="2"]

Mix & Match

[recent_posts count="1" orientation="horizontal"] [recent_posts count="3" no_image="true" orientation="vertical" offset="1"]

[recent_posts count="1" orientation="horizontal"] [recent_posts count="2" orientation="horizontal" offset="1"]


  • id: add a unique ID to the shortcode.
  • class: add a class or multiple classes to the shortcode.
  • style: add inline styles to the shortcode.
  • type: “post” or “portfolio.”
  • count: “1,” “2,” 3,” or “4.”
  • category: to filter your posts by category, input the slug of your desired category; also accepts multiple category slugs separated by a comma to display posts in any of those categories, or multiple category slugs separated by a plus sign to display posts that have all of those categories.
  • offset: input a number to select the initial offset of posts.
  • orientation: “horizontal” or “vertical.”
  • no_image: input “true” to remove the image from the shortcode.
  • fade: set to “true” to enable fade effect as users scroll down your site.