Choice is king. That’s why you can easily choose between a boxed or fullwidth layout. In the theme options you can change the layout with one click and thanks to the WordPress Customizer you even will see a live preview of how the boxed design looks compared to the full-width one. Don’t forget that this boxed/fullwidth option is available for every Stack built into X.

I’ve Seen Enough, Where Can I Buy It?


In addition to all of the standard shortcodes you’ve come to expect in a premium WordPress theme, we’ve developed some amazing new shortcodes like Responsive Visibility (only show certain things on certain devices) and a Table of Contents (a great way to increase pageviews, which Google loves).


Top (Fixed or Static)

With the click of a mouse you can choose to keep your navbar stationary or scroll with you down the page. Height and font sizes are completely variable and offer endless flexibility.

Left (Fixed or Static)

Effortlessly position your navbar to the side of your site content for a clean, modern look. You determine your navbar width and font sizes, tailoring it specifically to your needs.

Right (Fixed or Static)

For something really different, you can even place your navbar on the right side of your screen. This is sure to leave a lasting impression and keep your visitors coming back time and time again.


Do you enjoy keeping things all nice and tidy? Doing so with any of our Stacks is easy as pie! Just point, click, and your site will constrain itself to the dimensions you set in the Customizer.


All of our Stacks also feature an option to have your site go “fullwidth,” which allows for certain elements in the design (like your navbar and footer) to extend beyond your content.

The Sky is the Limit

With all of these options available, the only true limit on what you can achieve is your imagination. So go ahead, let your creativity soar and construct the site you’ve always dreamed of today!

Content Left, Sidebar Right

Match your content layout to your exact preference with our easy options. If you prefer to have your content on the left and sidebar on the right, achieving such a look is only a click away.

Sidebar Left, Content Right

The main content of your site is always placed first in your site’s markup for SEO purposes no matter which side it appears on visually, as well as utilizing semantic HTML5 markup.

No Sidebar (Fullwidth)

If you don’t have any needs or desires for a sidebar, deactivating it completely provides a simple, streamlined look for your site. Quickly turns your WordPress install into a Tumblr-esque feel.