Unlimited Styling Potential

When we say unlimited styling potential, we mean it! There are virtually no boundaries with what you can create with this theme, and just like snowflakes, no two customized versions of X will ever look the same. It doesn’t matter what topic your site is about, you can make this theme fit your needs in terms of colors, styling, and overall layout. The possibilities are unlimited and we even give you a lot of examples to show just how truly powerful X is.

Each of the 30+ custom combinations you see on the demo were achieved by simply selecting the desired options from within the Customizer (and uploading any desired background textures/images if applicable). While there is currently no export functionality for the Customizer styling, we have provided detailed documentation showing each of the selections we chose to create the beautiful demos you are seeeing. In addition, we do provide some holder demo content so you can quickly get elements in place.

The thing to keep in mind with X is that instead of fumbling through dozens and dozens of page templates and a seemingly endless admin panel, we have completely streamlined the process by putting all of the styling and customization options right within the new WordPress Customizer — allowing you to point, click, and customize your site while getting a real-time preview of all your changes before saving them. You’ll quickly discover how easy and fun it is to customize you or your client’s site using the WordPress Customizer and X.

For our more experienced users, we’ve also provided multiple blank templates that allow you to build any html and css into your design. Get ready for the most fun customization experience you’ve ever seen.