The WordPress Customizer is a new and exciting feature that combines theme options with the ability to live preview those changes before saving them. Do you ever get tired of reloading a page to see the results of your customization by constantly clicking back and forth? Those days are over! With X and the WordPress Customizer, you’ll see every change while not affecting the live version of your site. It doesn’t matter if you change colors, layout type, text, or images, everything will be reflected back to you, giving you the choice to publish those changes or simply return to your old version.

The inclusion of the WordPress Customizer in X is an exciting one as it keeps our theme free of “code bloat” by not having to include an additional admin panel. Ultimately, this all means that we’re using native features maintained and updated by the core WordPress team and bringing you the latest and greatest features WordPress has to offer. Get ready for the most enjoyable WordPress customization environment you’ll ever experience.