With multiple navbar options like static top, fixed top, fixed left, and fixed right plus numerous layouts including content left / sidebar right or sidebar left / content right, layouts are a big part of what makes X so versatile. With the click of a mouse, you can put each of these elements just where you want it. In addition, you have options of boxed or full width, and you can even set things like site width (%) and site max width (in pixels). For example, if your site width was set to 1000 pixels and you wanted your content area to take up 75% of that, you can do that with the Customizer. Keep in mind that ALL of this can be done in preview mode while the changes are happening right before your eyes without interrupting visitors on your site. Once everything is to your liking, simply hit Save and Publish and everything goes live. Hover over Layouts for a selection of examples from all three stacks.